Travelling To Copenhagen? Try These Budget Ideas!

Travelling To Copenhagen? Try These Budget Ideas!

The Danish capital is known for its museums, castles, numerous attractions, amusement parks and more. Copenhagen is one of the few cities that has something for everyone – honeymooners, backpackers and families alike. That said, Scandinavia is not a cheap city, and Copenhagen is not very different either. If you are on a tight budget, you have to plan your trip well, and in this post, we are sharing a few tips that make come in handy for saving more money.

  • Check for bikes. Copenhagen is among the best cycle-friendly cities in the world. It has some really nice biking lanes, and people here follow the rules on the road, even when there is no traffic. If you don’t want to spend huge on rental cabs and cars, we recommend that you check for bike rentals to get around. This could be a great way to exercise and explore the city.

  • Avoid those hotels. Hotels in the city are not cheap, and if you are traveling in a group or want to get real value for your money, consider varied apartments Copenhagen holiday rental. These rental apartments are located in all areas, but Østerbro (Copenhagen East) has some really good choices.
  • Check all free options. Even when you are not in mood to shop, you should consider a trip to Stroget, which happens to be a long pedestrian mall. Bakken – the oldest operating amusement park in the world – offers free entry (rides are paid), while a tour of Nyhavn is amazing to click a few pictures. Freetown Christiana is also a great place to explore.
  • Plan in advance. This is a no-brainer, but you can save considerable money if you know what you want to explore in Copenhagen. For example, you can plan the museums, book your stay in advance, and get the tickets at a cheaper rate. If you are here for less than three days, plan your time effectively.
  • Get the Copenhagen Card. The Copenhagen Card is the simplest way to save on admission fees on many attractions. You can also get access to public transport. You can check online for details.

In conclusion

Anyone who is interested in exploring Copenhagen should consider booking a serviced apartment before they arrive. You can find many food stalls that sell hotdogs at cheap prices, and you can also head to Paper Island to explore some local food at affordable rates.